Misoka is a member of the Lunar Race. He is a Kitsune. He is intelligent and quiet. Like the rest of the Lunar Race, he enjoys music and dancing. He used to reside in the Moon Palace. He now lives in the Moonshine bar with others of the Lunar Race.


Misoka is rather short. her is 21 years old. he has green-black hair down to his shoulders and large round glasses

Plot significance:

Misoka is the unspoken leader of the moonlight bandits. He is the second moonlight bandit to be introduced. the first is Nozomu. He is the most powerful of the group, and was able to outmatch Mitsuru easily in the first book.

He lost his powers at one point, and agreed to go to the moon palace believing he would be no use in recovering the teardrops. He was taken prisoner, and was eventually rescued by Mahiru, Mitsuru, and Lord Shirogane

His powers were returned to him at Lake Biwa


Misoka is the shortest member of the moonlight bandits.

He is also the oldest

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